Harrisburg University International Student Office


Harrisburg University International Student Office isn’t just another department. It’s the heart that beats with the rhythm of countless international dreams. Have you ever dreamt of studying in a place that understands you, miles away from home? That’s the essence of this office.

Why Harrisburg University?

As an international student, choosing the right university can be a daunting task. However, Harrisburg University stands out as a top choice due to its commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Harrisburg University is a private university located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The university offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, and it is home to a diverse student body, including international students from all over the world.

Purpose of the International Students Office At Harrisburg University

Harrisburg University International Student Office
Harrisburg University International Student Office

Harrisburg University stands out as a top choice due to its commitment to diversity and inclusivity. The International Students Office at Harrisburg University plays a crucial role in providing support and guidance to international students throughout their academic journey.

Application process for international students At Harrisburg University

International students must complete an application process that includes submitting transcripts, test scores, and English language proficiency test results. The International Students Office provides support in the visa application process, ensuring students comply with all requirements.

Why Choose Harrisburg University?

World-class Education

The academics at Harrisburg are tailored for the global leaders of tomorrow. With an innovative curriculum and experienced faculty, it ensures every student gets the best of both worlds.

Immersive Experience

Harrisburg doesn’t just teach; it immerses you in experiences. With a plethora of student-run clubs, societies, and events, there’s never a dull moment.

Services Offered by the International Student Office At Harrisburg University

International students getting help with their visa application at the student office
International students getting help with their visa application at the student office

The International Student Office (ISO) at Harrisburg University is dedicated to providing international students with the support they need to succeed. The ISO offers a variety of services, including:

  • Visa and immigration assistance
  • Academic advising
  • Cultural orientation
  • English language support
  • Social and cultural activities

Visa and immigration assistance

The ISO can help international students with the visa and immigration process. They can provide information about the different types of visas available and help students apply for visas. The ISO can also help students with the F-1 visa application process, which is required for students who want to study in the United States.

Academic Advising

The ISO can help international students with their academic planning. They can help students choose courses that are right for them and help them with their study skills. The ISO can also help students with financial aid and scholarships.

From paperwork to course selection, the International Student Office guides you every step of the way. Remember the first time you tried to assemble a puzzle? That’s what admissions can feel like. But with Harrisburg’s guidance, every piece falls right into place.

Cultural Orientation

International students celebrating their culture
International students celebrating their culture

The ISO offers cultural orientation programs for international students. These programs help students learn about American culture and customs. They also help students learn about the university and the city of Harrisburg.

It’s not just about getting in; it’s about fitting in. The orientation programs are tailored to help you adjust, understand, and love your new home away from home.

English language support

The ISO offers English language support for international students. These services can help students improve their English language skills. The ISO also offers English language courses for international students.

Social and cultural activities

The ISO hosts a variety of social and cultural activities for international students. These activities can help students meet other international students and learn about American culture. The ISO also hosts events that celebrate the cultures of different

Orientation and Support Services For International Students At Harrisburg University

The International Students Office understands that adjusting to a new culture can be challenging. Therefore, they offer new student orientation, academic advising, and cultural adjustment programs. These programs help international students adapt to life at Harrisburg University and the United States.

Employment and Internships

International students can work on or off campus while studying at Harrisburg University. The International Students Office provides workshops on resume writing and job searching to help students secure employment. Additionally, the office offers internship opportunities for international students to gain practical experience in their field of study.

Immigration Compliance

International students celebrating their culture.
Harrisburg University International Student Office

Maintaining legal status in the United States is crucial for international students. The International Students Office guides filing for extensions and changes in visa status. They ensure that students comply with all federal regulations to avoid any legal issues.

Building a Global Community

The essence of Harrisburg lies in its diverse community.

Cultural Exchange Events

Imagine celebrating Diwali, Christmas, Eid, and Hanukkah all in one place! The cultural exchange events ensure you’re never too far from home.

International Festivals

From food to dances, celebrate the beauty of global traditions. It’s like taking a world tour without leaving the campus!

Expanding the Horizon

The journey doesn’t end here. Harrisburg is constantly striving to make its international community even more inclusive. With plans to introduce more courses in multiple languages and expand its cultural events, the sky’s the limit.

Making the World a Smaller Place

At the end of the day, it’s not just about the studies. It’s about the experiences, the friendships, and the memories. Harrisburg University’s International Student Office ensures every international student feels right at home. Ready to begin your global journey?


The International Students Office at Harrisburg University provides a range of services to support international students. From admissions to immigration compliance, the office is dedicated to ensuring that international students have a successful academic journey. As a result, international students can thrive in their studies and become valuable members of the Harrisburg University community.

The ISO can help students with a variety of needs, from visa and immigration assistance to academic advising and cultural orientation. If you are an international student considering attending Harrisburg University, be sure to contact the ISO for more information.


  1. What courses are available for international students at Harrisburg?
    • Harrisburg offers a wide range of courses from Sciences to Arts. You can check their official website for a detailed list.
  2. Is there any scholarship available for international students?
    • Yes, Harrisburg University provides scholarships based on merit and need. The International Student Office can guide you further on this.
  3. How many international students study at Harrisburg?
    • Harrisburg boasts a vibrant community of thousands of international students from over 50 countries.
  4. Is there any accommodation assistance provided?
    • Absolutely! The International Student Office assists students in finding suitable accommodations near the campus.
  5. How can I connect with the International Student Office?
    • You can reach out via email or phone or visit their campus office. The contact details are available on the Harrisburg University website

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